Monday, February 11, 2008

Butt Darts (This is for real)

During the Superbowl (can I say that, can I call it the Superbowl?) I was introduced to a new-to-me game called Butt Darts. Yes, you read correctly, I said Butt Darts. I would like to say that the following video is rather graphic............. but that would be so far from the truth. We are all fully clothed, and yes, it's even work safe :).

The object of Butt Darts is to get the quarter (that is nicely tucked in between your butt cheeks) into the jar or shot glass on the ground by walking like a penquin over to the container and freeing the quarter from your tightly squeezed butt cheeks.

I thoroughly sucked at this game, but others at the party were pros. Some folks made it just about every time. It was a fun game to learn, and I'm sure I'll be practicing in the privacy of my own home so I can master this game.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Isaac said...

Love it! Planning our Summer Bar Olympics & this game(calling it the Keg-L Drop) for it!!

jhonalex said...

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